EUFIC (European Food Information Council) communicates science-based information about nutrition to the public and works for an EU research project on food. The challenge was to create a logo blending accessibility with professionalism, reflecting the diversity of EUFIC’s audience. We created a flexible and playful identity to fully represent the dynamism of the EUFIC team.

We also designed books, animated videos, corporate material and their new website. With over 1 million visitor sessions per month, their site is becoming a trusted household name for information on food, health and food safety.

  • For EUFIC – The European Food Information Council
  • Date 2015-2017
  • Type visual identity, illustrations, website, books, corporate material
  • URL

Logo and sound signature

Symbolic of the logo

A new website, more accessible and appealing.
Programmed by Framework design

Antibiotic resistance

The monthly newsletter

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