Wetlands play a vital role in keeping nature in balance. Today they are disappearing at an alarming rate. MedWet is an NGO that wants to improve the conditions of wetlands around the Mediterranean basin. Their work coincides with our own interest in promoting biodiversity. With Aleksander Dembinski, we made videos explaining to policymakers why wetlands need to be conserved.

  • For Aleksander Dembinski
  • Date 2016
  • Type Animated videos
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Wetlands Provide Priceless Services

Les services inestimables des zones humides méditerranéennes

How can we make a food basket out of a wetland? (teaser)

Pourquoi dit-on que les zones humides sont des garde-manger naturels ? (teaser)

Why should you compare wetlands to ventilators? (teaser)

Quel est le lien entre une zone humide et un ventilateur ? (teaser)

Quel est le lien entre les zones humides et les bouées ? (teaser)

Quel est le lien entre une zone humide et une éponge ? (teaser)