Whether you’re a non-profit, a social enterprise, a group of citizens or a public structure you need a strong visual identity that reflects your values and creates consistency between all your interactions. Luckily, we are here to help you! Together we can build the foundation for attractive, purposeful communication by creating a strong logo, defining an illustration style and choosing the right fonts and colours to make your audience remember your message. We will use that as a graphic charter and will be able to extend it to social media, websites, layouts and all the forms that you can dream of!

La Pie Curieuse is a french bakery using only organic and local products

Joyeux Café is a social project that aims to help disabled people integrate into society

JIR / EIJ is a community center giving young people careers advice


EUFIC – the European Food Information Council is a research institute about food and nutrition.


DocNomads is a Master Degree for future documentary film directors run by three European universities.


Strength2Food is a research project aiming to stimulate short food supply chains.


Requin Baleine is collective of videographers, artists, sound engineers and performers who enjoy being in water.