Belgian Red Cross

The range of actions of the Red Cross in Brussels and Wallonia is very wide; it goes from food aid and social inclusion at local to level to raising awareness about international law. Thousands of volunteers are involved, each with their own messages to communicate, public to talk to, and way of doing so. We created a visual identity that allows them to speak in a united voice, while making room for their differences.

  • Role Visual identity, illustration
  • Date 2018 -…

4 motion design version of the logo : french, english, german, and bilingual (french + dutch)

website and emailing banner

Annual report

Social media posts

The event at La Tricoterie (social venue in Brussels)

Posters for a event on international human rights

Posters and 16 pages leaflet for a event on international human rights

The Red Cross team during the 20km of Brussels

Red Cross Houses in the province of Hainault (Belgium)

Infographics explaining the new way of working at the Red Cross